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The meaning of the term civil society is contested. It is sometimes considered to include the family and the private sphere, and referred to as the "third sector" of society, distinct from government and business.


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Sports Day Event

During the Taliban regime, sports in Afghanistan faced a major setback. There was no liberty for men and women to play sports. After the fall of the Taliban, sports again gained ground and became popular in Afghanistan, women are also participating in greater number too.  There is a popular perception, especially amongst the religious clerics who spread the idea that Islam doesn’t permit women to participate in sports as it is against the precepts of religion. Women indulging in sports are not considered ‘moral enough’ and there is a lot of stigma attached to it in society. However, undeniably it can be mentioned that government of Afghanistan encourages sportswomen. Formation of national women’s football team in 1988 and its subsequent victory in 2007 in Nepal is evidence of the fact.

To encourage the culture of participation of women in sports, ACSFo honored 10 sports girls who have excelled in their field despite all odds. The event was organized on 9th April 2016 as a mark to celebrate International Sports Day for Peace and Development.Essentials carried out prior to the event:Before organizing the event following steps were taken:

1.      Recognizing the top medalists

2.      Contacting top 10 sport girls

3.      Organized a meeting

The event was officially inaugurated on 9th April 2016, where the top 10 sport girls, government entities, parliamentarians, women right activists and media has participated.

The event took place in ACSFo office, which lasted from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Event was inaugurated with speeches of official guests followed by the sport girls who were the main speakers of the event.

HajarAbulfazil, one of football team player stated “in over 10 years, it’s the first time we are honored for our efforts and braveness we had in our country”.

Maryam Mehr, one of basketball players stated “for saving my educational life I was refused to be shown in media since 4 years in university”, the reason was her teachers were failing herin exams.

Kimia Yousofi, the gold medalist runner of Afghanistan stated “I have suffered bad days during my sports career, I faced many challenges but I believe these challenges has sharpened me for who I am today”.

MasoomaAlizada who was nominated for the Nobel peace prize stated “I started cycling when I was very young but when I entered Afghanistan I was totally refused to ride a bicycle just because of my gender now finally I could get a chance to be the member of Afghan women cycling team., While we used to do our trainings people threw eggs on us but that didn’t stop us, this perseverance has got us nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.”

During the event, the director and owner of Donia University pledged 10 bachelor scholarships for the sports girls.

The event ended with honoring the candidates with honor paper and their photo.