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What is civil society?

The meaning of the term civil society is contested. It is sometimes considered to include the family and the private sphere, and referred to as the "third sector" of society, distinct from government and business.


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Survey Report

Survey on the girls and Women deprived literacy, education and school

Back ground:
The “Afghan Civil Society Forum Organization” (ACSFo), started at the outset of 2002, and offers representatives of Afghan civil society a platform for exchange of information and opinion on topics relevant to civil society. ACSFo comprises a network of a wide range of actors and seeks to facilitate the coordination and cooperation of their activities. ACSFo aims at promoting civil society forces in Afghanistan and to involve them in the economic and political process of reconstruction.
Project Summery report:
ACSFo carried out a survey in the northern districts of Kabul province (Kohdaman) to find out on the status of the girls and women who are deprived from the literacy, education and schools due to social and cultural barriers. Most of these girls have faced greater violence from their parents in particular due decades of war in country.
ACSFo carried out the survey to develop a comprehensive proposal to the International donors to fund literacy programs for these girls.
Through this survey ACSFo has requested Kohdaman Shura to support us in the survey compellation and introduced two educated and well know resident who are familiar with the culture of the people individuals male 2 Khwajah Abdullah S/O Sayed Gharib and Obaidullah S/O Mohammad, beside on request of shura two volunteer youngsters have been introduce to support the main surveyors Khwajah Zamir S/O Khwajah Abdullah and Matiullah S/O Ahmad.
The survey was conducted from 25 Aqrab, to 11 Jadee, 1394/15- November to 31st December, 2015; the survey was conducted well with the challenges faced from unknown people who cause serious problem to one of our surveyor’s khwajah Abdullah`s  Son Khwajah Zamir which was resolved after two weeks of interruption.
The report findings indicated a number of young girls and women deprived from literacy and education and school, which was very much useful for the drafting a proposal to the international donors.


Prepared: Mohammad Sohrab Zadran/ Program Manager ACSFo

Date: 25th, January, 2016


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